Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finally, Spring is here!!

We've been waiting a long time for Spring to arrive, but finally: it's here! It's hard to believe two weeks ago we still had snow. Now, the temperatures are lovely! There are lots of boats in the canals today, everybody is enjoying the sunshine.

I've been working hard on Train. I finished page 10 and 11 and am now working on page 20 and 21! Looking back, the confetti on page 10 wasn't too bad. I just worked block by block, filling the gaps. Funny, now I see the picture I finally see the face. I really don't see the face while working on it! The brilliance of a HAED I think!

I'm now working on the lower half of my frame and I am starting to feel my neck again. So, the timer is out again for the last pages!


Monique said...

All I can say is wow!!

Melinda said...

You are so close to being finished. This is so awesome.