Saturday, 23 June 2012

Page 8!

I have been working hard on Train! I'm a little flexible with my 'diet' lol but so far my wrist is still ok!
Last weekend I thought I could finish another page, but I ran out of 400 and 310. Argh, just the color I needed to finish a page (400) and start the next (310). So I ordered them and started with the next blue book and the last bit of the bird house.

But then on Monday morning my boyfriend got really sick so that got me a little worried. There is a nasty stomach virus going round. I was hoping I could escape it but unfortunately on Wednesday I got sick at work! On Thursday I was still a bit sick but I was feeling good enough to stitch again.
I was really bummed to be sick. At the end of last year I had a hard time at work (I made a promotion a year before), thankfully I showed progress and growth so I was safe. I asked for some extra experience and got temporarily transferred to another department for four months. I replaced a girl who went on maternity leave. I got a very good evaluation and that has made me more confident. I'm finally in the place I want to be mentally. Feeling more accepted in the group (before making my promotion I was in a more assistant position in the same group and part of my problem was not feeling confident about being 'equal' to them). And on Wednesday I was so in the groove so I hated to go home sick!!! I am confident I will be back in the groove on Monday.

Yesterday my 400 and 310 came in so I could fill in the spots. And this morning it was time for a picture! I don't think there will be any stitching today since we will visit my family! Both my parents and my sister are a year older and my brother got the key of his first (rental) home!

What you see is page 7, page 18, partial page 29 and I am now working on page 8.
Train is 10 whole and 1 partial page wide and 2 whole and 1 partial page tall so I am really nearing the finishing line!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I've been away..

I've been missing in action lately! It's not that I haven't been stitching but I've been trying to find a new routine. You see, I still have pain in my hand. I stopped stitching for a week and it wouldn't get away. After my massage (I get one every month at work, partly paid by my work as part of the prevention program. It's a massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, given over your clothes.) it was away. I actually felt my hand tingling, which means the bloodstream was ok again. It was utter joy, I tell you! According to the lady who gives the massage my shoulders and neck are very very tensed. I might need to see a physical therapist. I have to think about that and check my health care insurance. I needed to think about a lot of things.

So I decided to put my self on a diet. A cross stitching diet. Every day I can cross stitch for one hour. I actually have the alarm set! It works but there aren't a lot of stitches made in one hour when you're working on a HAED.

And then I went to the Ardennes in Belgium for a week. Together with the Boyfriend and the Girl. And 5 other couples (friends) and 5 other kids. Without the HAED. It was a wonderful week, great weather (almost tropical!), great food and wine, great conversation and lots of nice things to see and do.
We visited the castle of Bouillon and saw a falconry (show). One of the kids even got to play a part in the show and ended up with a falcon on his (covered) head! France was only 45 minutes ago, so we also visited Charlesvilles this village has one of the most beautiful plaza's I've ever seen! The highlight for me was absolutely seeing the Caves of Han. So beautiful.
I even went for a walk of about 3 hours. I think we walked about 20 kilometres. Got me some nice blisters (I don't own proper walking shoes). Wonderful memories nevertheless.

We came back this Friday. Yesterday the Boyfriend and I went to a nice sauna. I received a few giftcards and I could exchange them for free entrance. We had a great day and came home totally relaxed. It was the perfect ending of a great week!

Today we cleaned the house and did whatever we liked to do. I stitched and watched the BBC (the Jublilee Pageant). I didn't stick to my diet LOL but that's okay. Tomorrow I go back. I was too lazy to take a picture, I hope to take one tomorrow!