Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stitching on!

This picture was taken a few days ago. I love to see the books again and am a bit sad because these are the last books of Train I will stitch! On the other hand, I cannot wait to kit up another chart..

As you can see I've reached the magical mirror. It looks a bit like confetti horror so I've decided to stitch the books first. It is much faster (and I want to see results)!

I am also happy to report the Mr. has been offered a job! After such a long time we were a bit shocked by this news and still feel like we need to be pinched! If everything goes well he will start in April. Maybe, just maybe we can go on a summer vacation this year! I think this is what thrills us the most. But, like I said, we're still shocked. The Mr. has promised to take me out for dinner when the first pay check is in, I cannot wait!!


Melinda said...

SO exciting A JOB!!!!! That is wonderful news. Fingers crossed you will have a vacation this year..... Train of Dreams is so beautiful

Monique said...

Train looks fantastic. Congrats on the job. My hubby was without a job for a year when my daughter was a year old. I know how hard it is and the huge stresses involved. I am happy to hear the fantastic news!