Friday, 28 June 2013

And so the journey begins...

Thank you all for your comments on finishing Train of Dreams!

I spent last weekend wrapping floss around bobbins and preparing the fabric for Butterfly Wood. The fabric is huge!!!! I worked 27 months on Train, so this will be a five year project?? Also, the colors are so different than Train! I am still missing a few colors but when the rain stops, I will walk to the store to get the remaining colors.

These are my supplies: a DMC floss box (with room for my bobbin winder, scissors, thimble, extra needles and my gridding thread), my ORT-jar (basically an empty creme brulee pot), a magnetic pattern holder, a pencil so I can cross off the sections I've done (I try to switch colors every two pages, just to keep it fun) and the color codes.

 I bought the large format and it has 56 pages. A substantial amount of them are partial pages

Tuesday I made my first crosses, this is the result of two days stitching:

See what I mean by totally different colors? It is hard to take a picture! The fabric is 18ct Ivory Aida.

Talk to you later!

Friday, 21 June 2013


About one hour ago I finished Train of Dreams!!!!
It took me about two and a half years and oh my gosh I am so proud!! The Mr. loves the result and I am sure my stepdaughter will adore it. She is a big fan of the dragons, little crocodiles she calls them.

Tonight this baby will be washed and dried. I am already looking for a nice frame!

Now I have a lot of floss to wrap on my new bobbins. Butterfly Wood uses lots of pretty colors!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Almost there.... and plans for the future!

I am so so close to the finish of Train of Dreams!!

I am already thinking about the next BAP I am going to tackle. I have two in my stash calling my name. Basically they are the only BAPs in my stash LOL, I try to keep my stash as small as possible.

The first one is Butterfly Wood by David Penfound. Yes another HAED. I believe I have been talking about it before:

I have ordered all the floss and fabric (18ct Ivory Aida by Permin of Copenhagen) for it. I was thinking about using pre-gridded Aida from DMC but I could only order a huge amount that would cost me more than 100 euros! Since I am happy with the 18ct Aida by Permin of Copenhagen I am using for Train of Dreams (color: Stone Grey), I decided to order from Permin again. I also ordered a new floss box. This morning I printed the pattern. I am almost ready!

The second BAP is this sampler from Permin of Copenhagen:

This was a gift from my MIL, the fabric has a rust colour. Since the fabric and floss are included, the only thing I still need to order is another Q-snap frame!

I have joined a local Stitch 'n Bitch group. They come together in a pub every Wednesday night. So far I have met only two members and they were very nice! Unfortunately the pub is a bit dark so I cannot work on my HAEDs. I still have some little freebies from a magazine to work on, so that's what I do on those nights! Since the sampler uses a lower count fabric I hope I can also work on the sampler during the meetings! I will work on Butterfly Wood at home.