Thursday, 3 January 2013

I need this!!!

I know right, two posts in a day? I must be crazy. I just discovered something and I want to remember this so I'm blogging about it!

So after stitching for an hour it started again, the pain in my shoulder. I now know why. It's because my Q-snaps are resting on my right arm and since I am stitching with both hands my right arm is in a weird position: it tries to keep the frame in place and in the same movement it tries to stitch. And since Train is nearing the end there is a lot of weight. All in all: my shoulder gets cramped!

I am happy to know what's been causing my pain, because now I can look for a solution. I think I need a floor stand so my right arm can move freely. I have looked at floor stands before but never seriously considered buying one. Most of them are so big and expensive! I have no money to buy one now and I have no room for one.
This time I searched again and found a Dutch plan to build a floor stand myself. Looks nice and I have a friend who could build it for me, but again, it's too big.
So then I found a floor stand by Stitchmaster. I got really excited, this looks exactly like I needed! Plus it is cheap!!! I searched for some reviews, lots of positive ones but some people also wrote the stand couldn't bring the work close enough and then read about the Lowery floor stand. I looked it up and I am convinced: I need this. It's made of metal (so it's easy to clean), it's easy to adjust the height, it takes almost no space and the price is agreeable. So now I am going to save for it! I have no idea when I am able to buy it, but I am so excited!!

So my goals for 2013 are now:
1. To finish Train of Dreams
2. To get a Lowery floor stand!
3. Start a new project

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Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing your floor stand links - I agree, a floor stand would be amazing.

I know you will finish Train of Dreams this year... You can do it