Friday, 28 January 2011

look at the pretty colours!!!

Look, look, the threads are in! Aren't they pretty?

I had to order about 60 colours, the rest I found in my stash.
I have to wait a little before I can work with them. I don't have any bobbins left and the fabric still isn't in! The store I ordered kindly updated me, they do not have it in stock right now but they will send it out next week. It's probably a good thing though LOL I spent the last few days tidying up the house. Housekeeping is not something I like and when I have something nice waiting for me (like cross stitching) I have a hard time to keep my house tidy every night.

This little kitty also really liked the floss. I'm sure she's thinking of a way to steal these pretties LOL and acting like she really doesn't care:

I am just so excited, I cannot wait for the fabric to come in. I think it's a repeating sentence on this blog LOL.

Untill next time!

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