Thursday, 13 March 2014

Update Permin Sampler 1724 2

This week I got a bit stressed out at work. Basically I fell apart. Sigh. So I went home and told my temp boss (my real one was on a business trip) that I wouldn't be at work for the rest of the week. I am so thankful he understood why and agreed with me! In the almost 10 years I have been working I have never had a bad review or taking sick days, so I do have a lot of credit.
So this week I have done some soul searching and have been taking care of me. It's hard but I'm ok. This is a wake up call for me. I'm going to change some things in my life. Step by step. I will get there.

Yesterday was my weekly Stitch 'n Bitch. It was nice to be there. I worked on the Permin Sampler. I confess, since I took the last picture I worked on it some more. I finished all the pink, the light green of the basket and all of the dark green. Yesterday I worked on the grey green (the grapes). This morning I took a picture:

I really like working on two very different pieces!

No update for Butterfly Wood. Nina asked me if I'm getting to the big butterflies yet. Unfortunately not! I am working from left to right, so the next 4 pages (my frame shows 4 pages) will be trees. I don't think it's a lot of confetti (here's to hoping!) so I hope to be flying through these pages.

Untill next time my friends!!

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Melinda said...

So happy you were able to take some time for you - Great you have a job too where they are so understanding

Love watching your progress as always - so jealous you have a Stich group - I must find one