Sunday, 19 February 2012

Train of Dreams

Here I am with the newest update on train of dreams. I am now working on page 6 of the chart and since I am working in coloms this means I have finished 10 whole pages and 5 teenytiny pages.
I find the lower pages much easier to do, there is less confetti stitching and my needle is almost on fire!!

In other stitching related news: I inherited another book on cross stitching from my MIL. This one is in German. I also got my hands on a Cross Stitcher Special: the Best of Margaret Sherry! I love her funny designs and having this in my stash... oh wonderful!

The last two weeks have been cold in The Netherlands. We had snow and even ice on the ponds! I live next to a canal and it was fun to see people ice skating. I don't own a pair of ice skates anymore so unfortunately I haven't skated. It brought back fun memories from when I was a kid.

My cat have been ill for a month now. She started sneezing a few weeks ago (it sounded so cute) so we had to take a trip to the vet. She is a sweet cat but when we go to the vet for her vaccins she will turn into a firered fury!! This time she really was sick, the vet's assistant could get her out of her cage without any problem! We left with nose drops. We faithfully used this and after 10 days she stopped sneezing and there were no running noses again! Victory, we thought. WRONG. Four days after we stopped using the medicine the running nose was back and this time it had color (I know gross). So another trip to the vet followed and this time we also got anti-biotics. She also had infected gums? I really don't know how she got that but if this doesn't get better she has to get more visits to the vet (and possibly a photograph taken). The anti-biotics helped the sneezing and running nose but of this morning the little Miss started to sneeze again! Ugh, I know sneeze decease can take awhile to cure but I am not happy with it! So far it has cost me about 100 euros! I love her so I pay this without regrets but still it is expensive. I've started her on the nose drops again, so cross your fingers!

See you next time!

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